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Choose a Talent Pool, create a process, filter the candidates and invite them.

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beWanted is the world's largest talent ecosystem, with more than 250 specialized talent pools, it is the best solution for your recruitment processes.

Explore our platform and join the Talent Pools that you think will best meet your candidate needs.

Currently more than +20K companies in more than 18 countries are already using our pools platform to find the profile that meets their needs.

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Choose a Pool, filter the profiles, find and invite

Don't just sit around waiting for the ideal candidate to appear. We give you access to specialized Talent Pools where you can filter, find those who best fit your needs and invite them to join your process.

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beWanted connects employers and candidates by automating the selection process for companies/employers.

Thanks to our proprietary profile evaluation and weighting algorithm (JobRank) and its filters adaptable to all sectors (Sentinel) based on machine learning and AI, we are able to index and make the best matchmaking, selecting the best candidates for each position in seconds.

Discover our talent pools

First of all, what is a Talent Pool? A Talent Pool refers to a group of candidates who share specific characteristics and can be accessed by employers to find talent more efficiently.

And, how does a Talent Pool benefit an employer? Employers can access different Talent Pools to search for specific candidates that fit their specific requirements. Each Talent Pool has different characteristics:

* Access:
Can be on-demand or direct access.

* Fees:
Can be free or paid. Paid Talent Pools can have different fees. You will be able to purchase the selection processes you need within your employer profile with a credit/debit card.  

Young Talent

Talent Pool for your first job or internship in global companies

Check in Jobs

Talent community specialized in the hospitality industry


Community for those who have studied a vocational training diploma

Platino Empleo - Audiovisual

Community specialized in audiovisuals.