beWanted is a network of highly qualified Talent Pools.

beWanted is a revolutionary platform that connects talent and employers through the creation of Talent Pools on our ecosystem.

We facilitate the connection of talent (+1.5M) and employers (+20K) through specialized talent pools (+250), and we do it through matchmaking technology, machine-learning and AI.

We have revolutionized the way you gather, sort and find talent, welcome to the future of HR!

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First of all, what´s a Talent Pool? A Talent Pool refers to a group of candidates who share specific characteristics and can be accessed by employers to find talent more efficiently.

And, how does a Talent Pool benefit candidates and employers? When candidates register in beWanted, they have the option to join different pools based on their area of expertise. Employers using beWanted can access these pools to search for candidates that match their requirements.

At beWanted, we offer hundreds of specialized Talent Pools, designed to suit different industries and needs.

Young Talent

Talent Pool for your first job or internship in global companies

Check in Jobs

Talent community specialized in the hospitality industry


Community for those who have studied a vocational training diploma

Platino Empleo - Audiovisual

Community specialized in the audiovisual sector.


talent pool developers

Create, position and manage your own Talent Pool. Become the manager of a specialized talent community, linking profiles and employers. Access all relevant job offer information through the Talent Hub, our pool management tool.

Drive sectors, lead and connect.


The employers

At beWanted we turn the recruitment process upside down, we are an ecosystem of Talent Pools, not a job board. Access the Talent Pools, filter based on your needs and find the talent you need in a fast, effective and economical way .

Benefit from beWanted technology, ensure success .


the candidates

Tired of applying to thousands of offers and never hearing back? Forget it, that's the past. In beWanted you can choose the pools (communities) that best suit your talent, and let the companies invite you to their processes. Accept or reject them.

Benefit from matchmaking technology. You decide.

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