December 20, 2021

beWanted and Pro Meritum join forces to find, attract and manage the best young talent in Latin America.

Pro Meritum and beWanted, two of the leading companies in the intern sector have joined forces this 2023 and we are empowering ourselves as beWanted by Pro Meritum to take talent sourcing and employer branding of young talent programs to the next level.

As of March 2023, for all our clients we will actively collaborate with Pro Meritum to exceed the objectives set in talent attraction and employer brand positioning; thus we will strengthen the selection processes and facilitate the achievement of goals through the use of beWanted technologies combined with the impact of Pro Meritum's digital community and its experienced work team.

Pro Meritum is a Mexican Human Resources organization specialized in the administration and recruitment of young talent programs driven by employer branding campaigns with more than 12 years of experience and a great track record with multinational and local companies.

Under this new scheme, there will be a comprehensive offer that will provide the best experience in terms of the implementation of digital and technological tools that make the recruitment process more agile, improving the quality of candidates and the reach to Latin America and Europe, deepening the offer to discover, attract and manage university talent and recent graduates in order to ensure that companies have a strong and quality talent pool.

It marks an important milestone in the young talent sector, consolidating two of the most important players in the intern and trainee program sector and becoming the main source of recruitment for entry-level positions in the labor market.

Clients can look forward to actions that will enable them to increase the reach of their talent programs with Pro Meritum and beWanted.

beWanted by Pro Meritum is committed to companies and talent to increase the employability of young people and the quality of intern and trainee programs in companies.

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