December 20, 2021

What is professional MatchMaking?

In view of the above, better to turn everything upside down, completely revolutionize a system and simply change the paradigm of job search, right?

When you Google the term 'MatchMaking' you will find on the first page only two types of pages. On the one hand, you will see a lot of translation sites that show you what the word means in English. On the other, you will find several dating and flirting sites, places where it is possible to find a partner. The reality tells us that, at least for the moment, the concept of match is only linked to the more digital 'love' in which A throws his interest to B and the latter accepts, which originates a match!

However... However... However... But... What if we were to contemplate this format within the job search? But it's not a bad idea! Think about it, what if instead of two people meeting, there were a company and a candidate? This hypothesis summarizes a bit the recruitment model that we at beWanted propose, a system in which job offers are not published -never- but it is the company that accesses a database in which, through a series of filters, finds the candidate that meets its requirements.

But let's take a brief trip back in time. Since the 60's, when offers appeared in newspapers, in traditional selection processes you had to find offers looking for profiles like yours, call for an interview and pray to be selected. With the advent of the Internet this hardly changed, because where before a call was made, some time later CVs were launched based on clicks trusting that the recruiter would find your profile in a huge pile of pages. Thus, with this archaic model brought from the paleolithic:

- You have to search for lost job offers all over the web.

- They never call because the CV gets lost between applications.

- The CV is launched and applied to everything without any sense.

- Jobs are not found because of a deficient system that prevents locating talent.

So, in view of everything, better to turn everything upside down, completely revolutionize a system and simply change the paradigm of job search, right?

At beWanted we have turned the selection process upside down. We have gone from publishing job offers so that now it is the companies that directly invite the ideal candidate, that is to say, we put the person at the center of the selection process. Since we realized that everything revolved around the inopportune publication of job offers, at beWanted we wanted to turn the job search around by developing a unique formula that allows young people to access more effectively the selection processes of companies.

Whether you are a company or a candidate, we encourage you to get to know our formula and trust our recruitment model: create a profile on beWanted, fill in all your info and search for a candidate or be found by a company! Good luck!