December 20, 2021

Why bet on our technology?

Why use Talent Pools? Talent Pools offer an efficient and effective way to select talent by providing access to a pre-screened pool of candidates, saving time and resources, enhancing the candidate experience, enabling adaptability.....

Solution for employability:

beWanted provides its JobRank technology to evaluate and assess the quality of university profiles. JobRank is beWanted's candidate ranking system that weights resumes according to their quality and employability ratio. This system is a key element for Matchmaking, which allows for very fast searches to locate the candidates that fit a position.

University students appear in the database searches of companies that work with beWanted if they fit the profile sought.

Personalized environment:

Adaptation of the beWanted technology to the University for the creation of a new environment where the student or the interested company feels inside an exclusive software of the University.

Analysis panel:

Real-time access to the statistics of students and companies registered on the platform for the control of registrations, selection processes and status of students within processes.

Functionalities for students

✓ Expand and complete your profile and resume.

✓ Receive invitations from companies for internships, scholarships or first jobs.

Invitations may be accepted or declined at any time.

Manage their applications and receive statistics about their profile. They will see the Tier they are in and how to improve their JobRank within beWanted.

✓ Receive newsletters with information about the Spanish labor market.

Company functionalities

✓ Registration in personalized portal of the University.

✓ Access to creation of free selection processes for University students through sponsored processes.

Access to a statistical dashboard with information on the selection processes they have active in beWanted.

✓ Access to messaging for contact with candidates invited to your selection processes.

✓ Management of candidates who have accepted the invitation to the selection process.

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